The rise of High Street Fashion

High Street Fashion is something that has been around for a long time, but more and more now people are looking towards high street fashion more than the big brands and spending £100 on a new pair of jeans when you can get just as good a pair on the high street for a 10% of that price.
With the economic downturn high street fashion has seen a growth in popularity and more people are content to spend £100 on a spree in Primark than they are spending £100 on a pair of fancy jeans.
This trend has also carried into the world of online. Cheap Fashionable Clothes are much easier to come by online with companies such as Boohoo and Miss-guided bringing high street fashion to the online market and seeing huge popularity and sales because of it.
The apparent growth in popularity of the more ‘budget’ fashion stores has seen big designers catch on, designers are now creating ranges for your more consumer friendly stores and again they are finding that this approach is bringing them much more popularity and sales, simply because people are more inclined to spend less on clothes these days simply because the amount of ‘disposable cash’ available to people is much lower.
The age of the internet has also played a huge part in how we shop and has helped high street fashion to thrive in the online market. The growth in popularity when it comes to spending online is forever increasing, whether you are buying next year’s holiday, a car from eBay or even just your weekly grocery shopping more and more people are spending money online and especially now when it comes to Fashion, new shopping and fashion websites are popping up every other week trying to grab a piece of the pie. Some fail where others thrive depending on how these sites sell their sites, products and fashion overall and in the end it comes down to popularity and a good marketing strategy.
High Street Fashion is now a huge part of our fashion as a nation. We seem to prefer our Primark’s, boohoos and Miss-guided’s to our Louis Vuitton and Guicci because during this economic downfall we still want to wear fashionable clothes that are in season but for a price we can afford and that’s where High Street Fashion Online comes into its own.