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They say beauty is subjective and everyone has their own standard of what’s attractive or not.  Same as when it regards to music, it depends to the lyrics, classification and instruments. Music makes you also think,remember, reflect … You can do more using a music, Because Our minds and souls need constant stimulation and music makes us remember of the beauty that lies within. We have decided to bring to you some of the most beautiful works of art that have been inspired by the concept of music and what is interesting is that they are as beautiful as the music itself. see MF for more music to create in the near future.

just pursue

I want to produce music for people to enjoy, to be able to metaphorically hold their hand when times are rough. Oh, well this is actually my biggest dream in life and yeah I’m a frustrated one.  But the thing like a line 6 pod I’ll go with “Purpose” for this one. Because music makes the world beautiful it is the most amazing thing you could ever have.