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The power of Handbags

We love the small, we’re crazy about the big, we never have enough of them, and it always seemes that we miss just one more compartment into which we could put in a few more (not) needed things. Does it sound familiar?

It could be said that handbags are womens addiction. Often you are able to find a whole range of products in a handbag from tissues to shoes, laptops, accessories, clothes, everything that a woman might need.

Why is a handbag, with the shoes, such a female fetish that they set aside more money on them than on any other piece of clothing? Women know what is a powerful, durable fashion accessory, it is easy to ‘pull up’ any outfit with a handbag, and it leads to self-confidence.

Passion for purses can not be measured even with the big passion for shoes because they must fit most clothing combinations. According to research in which surveyed 2000 women a handbag is every woman’s best friend! According to the portal Saveme4later.com, who conducted the survey, one in four women admitted that they enjoy buying bags the most.
The craze for shoess, diamonds or cosmetic products are not even close to the mania for handbags and to find the perfect one that will fit with almost any outfit is a real pleasure to any woman.

An interesting discovery is that impulsive shopping is no longer pleasurable for women, and they consider the purchase well before any purchase is made. Thus, in the study up to 81 percent of women admitted that they are now more careful with the money than they were five years ago. Of course, right after the purse, women are happiest when buying shoes, summer dresses or seeking the perfect pair of jeans.

Handbags, in addition to its aesthetic functions, which is to be beautiful and to fit in our personal fashion style, have a functional duty. They are our extended hand. If you ever forgot yours at home one day, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Suit do not make the man, but the bag can say a lot about someone especially ladies handbags! Besides being an extension of your character, mood and outfit, it is necessary that the bag you carry is in! Women’s bag says a lot about the habits, perception of beauty, style, character, and sometimes even the way the how woman express herself.

All size and color palette bags are fashionable, you need only to select the one that is most appealing to your eye and which will transmit the right message about you. Of course, most of it also depends on the thickness of your wallet. This unavoidable fashion accessory as well as everyday needs now can be bought at a variety of prices, from a few to several thousand dollars. Sizes, patterns, colors, and uses of the same are diverse. An average woman has in her wardrobe at least five bags of various shapes, designs and colors, because none of them is quite for any occasion, from cluthes to leather tote bags

Small or large, casual or elegant, classic or latest model fashion hit… it doesn’t matter, as long as one is in our hands.