5 Ways to Improve your Nail Condition

There’s more to beautiful nails than simply choosing the right nail polish, in fact even the most effective products won’t do much for your nails if they aren’t in top condition. But worry not, and instead follow these simple steps, and within a few days you will start to notice how a little TLC can go a long way toward achieving a beautiful set of nails.

  1. Filling your nails
    It’s important to always file your nails in one direction and NEVER to saw across the free edge as this will often cause the nail layers to separate, and in turn result in weak nails. Nail files themselves wide range of choices, and the most suitable for you will depend on your specific type of nails and how much you’re looking to file away. A good rule of thumb would be to start with a coarse grain and finish off with a fine grain.
  2. Looking after your cuticle
    Our top tip is to apply a cuticle cream (I use Salon Systems Cuticle Cream) once a week by massaging into the cuticle area then using a rubber tipped cuticle hoof, gently push back the excess cuticle exposing the new fresh nail plate. This will help to increase the natural nail growth!
  3. Conditioning your skin
    Apply an oil-based hand cream (The Thai Manicure range from Salon Systems is very good) at least twice daily, massaging into the arm, hand and nails. It is important to retain the moisture of the skin to prevent dry chapped skin, which can lead to hang nails.
  4. Strengthening you nails
    First select a nail strengthener (Try the O.P.I Nail Envy) and apply to the nail daily for four consecutive days, then remove and start the process again. Repeat this for 4 – 6 weeks and you will notice a great improvement in the nail condition. To maintain the nails simply apply the strengthener once a week thereafter.
  5. Protecting your nails
    All polish should always be removed with a non-acetone polish remover to prevent dehydration of the nail plate. Protective gloves should be worn when cleaning, gardening, decorating or any activity which may damage your nails. IMPORTANT – Remember household products contain chemicals which are damaging to your nails and skin, ALWAYS wear protective gloves to prevent damage!

Looking after your nails by following the steps mentioned above will help you lay the foundation to any further work you have done on them, so ensuring you develop a nail care routine is the single most important investment you can make.

Victoria Arpels is a founder of Totally Beauty, one of the leading nail courses providers with over 40 training centres in the UK. Victoria is a fully certified professional and is a regular contributor to a number of industry publications.

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