Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku is an area of Tokyo, Japan, but it’s also a quirky and eccentric style of dress adopted by the cool kids who hang out there.

Harajuku Fashion ‘Harajuku Girls’ can refer to anyone making any sort of extreme fashion statement in the area. There are many different styles within Harajuku though including Ganguro – bleached hair, dark skin, fake eyelashes and fake nails – and Cosplay, which is more recognisably known as Manga. Cosplays often dress as iconic fictional characters, or take aspects of their dress as their own.

Harajuku GirlsIn Harajuku you can buy the fashions from the many trendy stalls there including Gothic Lolita, visual kei, rockabilly, hip hop and punk clothing. Book your accommodation with HostelBookers.com and you can stay longer for less, meaning you can spend more on the stalls.

10 Steps to Dressing in the Harajuku Style

  • 1. Mix and mismatch different fashions and styles – the more extreme the better.
  • 2. Include some traditional Japanese dress, like a kimono – if possible.
  • 3. Add as many accessories as you can.
  • 4. Make sure you’ve included some second hand clothing to get the full effect – maybe a flowered skirt or a pinned ribbon.
  • 5. If you’ve got the creativity and talent get the scissors and sewing kit out and hack your way to individuality.
  • 6. Check out the Gothic Lolita Bible for inspiration and stalk photos online.
  • 7. Layering is essential. Wear sweaters and vests over blouses and tshirts and skimpy dresses over big ruffled dresses.
  • 8. Think of your outfit in dimensions – and the more the better.
  • 9. Go nuts when it comes to your make-up and hair – try and fit as many trinkets as possible into your hairdo.
  • 10. Wear whatever the hell it is you want – crazy pink and white spot socks with a dogtooth skirt, a purple tie, huge glasses and a sailor top just isn’t whacky enough!

Thanks to istolethetv, EverJean & ehnmark for your photos from flickr.

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