Still Looking For Jobs Online? Lets Girls Talk!

Are you still on the hunt to get that dream job you are chasing for so long?

Honestly, I don’t know how to get it either.  I am still finding ways to get any job offer because honestly, I am getting any?  I need tips, or let’s say, help to find ‘that’ so-called job I dreamed of having.  I know there are lots of careers waiting to be filled up by people with the right working attitude, and I just got to find it.

Since I need tips on how to land on my dream job, I tried searching jobs through jobs online.  I know they offer helpful tips and how-to’s to help you land any jobs you want.  I also tried other job search engines for better luck.

Then what got me interested is a website which tells me to stop looking for jobs online.  It got me wondering then.  It got me curious as to how to get job offers without sending anymore of your resume.  I don’t know how it happened on their part but since, I want to try everything just to land a job, might as well check it out again.  Let’s see what is all about.


I’m thinking to buy a new kindle this coming May because I really want to read ebooks everytime I’m free. I saw my friends who bought their new kindle in an online shop using their credit card but I think it’s much cheaper if i’m going to pay it by cash. I’m still thinking what brand should I choose maybe the popular Archos?