Don’t be a BrideZilla

I think I will be more stressed in choosing the gown for my bridesmaid over my own gown. I exactly know what style will best fit me whereas my bridesmaids have different taste, style, and not to forget, body figure. I want them all to look good, after all most of my wedding pictures will include them. I want us all to blend well but I also do want to be overshadowed by them.

I’ll be sharing some good points I’ve gathered from friends, relatives and acquaintances. This is particularly helpful to all soon to be brides out there. We all know you want your day to be perfect in every little detail but you also don’t want to be tagged as a “BRIDEzilla” don’t you? :)

Number one rule is : Everybody should be happy on your wedding day. Having that in mind, your bridesmaids should be happy and comfortable in their dresses. Check out

Choose a dress that is within reasonable price. It could be you or your bridesmaid shouldering the expense. So it should be selected with their/your budget and comfort in mind. You can opt for rented gowns or you can select a superior discount from your tailor. Also, there are a lot of online merchant to choose from and you can easily browse on a lot of selections using only your tablet, pc or mobile phones.

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Ask for your bridesmaids opinion and decide on majority. Some brides agree to have different style among their bridesmaids, provided the bride gets to select the color and material to be used. This is common when bridesmaid have a combination of small and larger sizes. Since they have individual sizes and shapes, it would be unfair for them to wear all the same dress. However, if a “uniform” gown is needed, the plus size bridesmaid should have the option to add a bolero or shawl to make her feel comfortable or good in her gown.

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Lastly, don’t forget to ask nicely or in a friendly manner. Remember, bridesmaid don’t have any responsibilities beyond getting the dress and smiling for the pictures. Plus, there’s a saying that “no accessories can beat a genuine smile”, so keep calm and make everybody happy including yourself. Trust me, it will work amazingly and everyone will look gorgeous on your special day.

How to save money on Prom

Every year, high school seniors struggle to think of simple ways to save money on prom. Also every year, prom gets more expensive. During prom season, keep in mind these ways to save money on prom to save your wallet from severe losses!

Do Your Own Hair and Makeup
If you’re concerned with financing prom, you can easily solve your problem by doing your own hair and makeup. If you need extra hands, get some friends together to make a group effort at beautifying yourselves!

Dine Frugally
Most prom groups like to go out to dinner before prom. That can be a lot of fun, but it can also cost a lot of money.

One of the most painless ways to save money on prom is to simply buy your dress online. If you can get a cute dress for fifty dollars or five hundred dollars, which would you choose? Check out cheap prom dresses at

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Go with a Large Group
You should try to join a prom group as large as possible if you want to save some serious cash. It’s tradition to arrive at prom in a limo, or even a party bus.

Rent a Dress
Even with options like eBay, prom dresses can be pretty pricey. If you have an older sister or friend, you can borrow their old prom dress and still look fabulous!

At the end of the day, prom is going to be an expensive event no matter what. How do you plan to save money on prom?