Go Fairy

Halloween is coming and I’m preparing by asking my kids what they what costume they want to wear. My daughter to my relief wanted to have a tinkerbell fairy costume. Fairy costumes are easy to find and easy to do. I can always turn an old gown to a fairy gown or an ugly dress into a sparkling costume. Just use your imagination and you’re good to go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the creative type but I know how to google or look at pinterest for some inspiration that I can follow. You can always find a cheap fairy costume too if you don’t want the hassle. Check out : www.tbdress.com for great selections. Otherwise, Here are some pratical tips that you can use to make your own fairy costume:

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  • Raid your closet for old dress or gowns that you recycle to a fairy gown. You can add sparkles or lace or even flowers to make it look whimsical.
  • You can make wings from wires and scrapboards or even old coat hangers. Paint it and add lot’s of glitter or you can sew scraps of cloth on to it.
  • Use your old fabrics to to make a fairy tutu by cutting them into strips and tying them all around an elastic waitsband.
  • Turn any headband into a tiarra by adding rhinestone or glitter to it. You might also want to use flowers to it or leaves instead.
  • Instead of stockings you can wrap around a flowing ribbon to your legs to make it look like a strappy sandals.

You can always make fairy costumes out of stuff around your house. Fairy costumes are a great choice to have a magical halloween. There are alot of options for you and they are easy to find. Try browsing TBdress.com at http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Fairy-Costumes-100906/ for cheap fairy costumes, they never ran out of good selections at affordable prices.

My search for my prom gown

I remember when I was in high school, my mom went shopping with me for my prom gown. We walked around different malls searching for a cheap gown but I came home disappointed not to mention exhausted. I did not anticipate that it would be that difficult to find the perfect gown for me. There were a lot of beautiful gowns but nothing felt right for me. My mom would tell me just pick a prom dress and say it’s not a big deal that im just gonna wear it for one night. i remember saying: “Ofcourse it’s abig deal! It’s prom night!”

But, are you familiar with the saying “when you stop looking, that’s that time you’ll find what you’re looking for?” Just when i was at the verge of giving up, I decided to take my mom’s advice to try the outfits that she rented for me. One of them is a long white gown with nice bead works from bust down. It’s form fitting so I look sexy and fabulous. That’s when I started to appreciate vintage style dresses. When I think back on all the other gowns I tried on, this was the only one I actually liked.

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I guess the key to finding the perfect gown is having the patience to search for it and having open mind to try other styles that you would’nt dare try on before.

Sometimes we’re just being too critical of every dress that we may have eliminated some of the good dresses along the way. Just concentrate on how much fun you can have and try not to fret over little things. Also, there’s no harm listening to our mom’s advice once in a while. I know sometimes our moms’ have weird sense of style but sometimes weird can look good on us, we just have to find out how to carry that dress well. So don’t give up that perfect is still out there waiting for you.