Black Leggings have become a staple part of any wardrobe. They’re versatile pieces and are great for transeasonal dressing.Take a look at a few luxe black leggings  Tbdress below.

Black Faux Leather Women Leggings 7748-2

A pair of black velvet leggings is an easy way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look. Simply replace your normal leggings with a velvet pair.

Wet Look Black Slash PU Leggings 7741

They are made from black jersey and feature diagonal leather trims to the front. While being quite ‘edgy’ the leather touches are still quite subtle.

TBdress Design Trendy Black with Rivets High Quality Skinny Pants

They are made from a black stretch-cotton blend, are high-waisted, and feature a wide waistband. Wear them with anything from shirt dresses to oversized sweaters.


Crisscross Imitation Leather Women Leggings

While being quite ‘edgy’ the leather touches are still quite subtle. Wear these with oversized knits for a street-smart look.

Authentic Slim Jeans Women Leggings  - Black/White

These ribbed leggings would make a luxe addition to any wardrobe. They are made from knitted silk and have a high-waisted cut. Wear your favourite summer dress in fall simply by wearing a pair of black leggings underneath. Add a cool cardigan and a scarf and you’ve got a perfectly layered look.

While spending over $100 on plain black leggings may seem a bit extravagant, you can always take inspiration from these designs and look for cheaper alternatives.

How and why music therapy is effective

Music therapy is in fact one of the most influential ways of treating patients and healing the soul. Here are a few reasons why and how it’s so effective.

Research has shown that every single beat in a song can also stimulate your brainwaves.

Insomnia and depression, which are both struggles most people suffer with every day, can also be treated with music.

This powerful realization confirms that we should use music as a way to shift our energy from angry to happy through the right kind of genre.

One of the biggest reasons why music therapy is so effective is because music is linked to your mood. Music can either change your mood or enhance it.

Studies have shown that music from people’s own culture is most effective in healing and relaxing. For example, in the Chinese culture it is believed that there are corresponding musical tones to the five internal organ and meridian systems. I love how my brother and his friends jammed with epiphone dark cherry les paul its awesome!

Clearly, music is more powerful than we otherwise might have thought. It’s like a superpower – we need to learn how to use it wisely.