Leggings style

Nowadays, leggings are not only for a younger age group but also to middle aged women as well. A variety of legging styles are available allowing women to pair and match them with various ensembles. With so many leggings to choose from, One need to choose the perfect one to suit a certain occasion. Here are some ways to wear a women’s leggings.

Leggings as casual apparel – Women can wear them underneath an over sized blouse or a cardigan sweater. The key is to make the top long enough to cover your upper thighs and rear end. They can also pair it with short skirt to add style and layer.

Leggings for chic girls – If you want to achieve a chic and sophisticated look, you can pair it with a knee length boots to add sleekness to your outfit. You can also pair it with a dress or sweater dress on colder days.

Leggings can also be worn on formal occasions. The key is making your top undenyingly formal or dressy. Stick with the neutral colored leggings to out-stand your top. Best worn with satin and velvet fabrics to suit an evening look.

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Style your black dress

Every woman’s wardrobe should include a cocktail dress. It can be used on wide variety of events and is very versatile in style. The most popularly used cocktail dress and one of my favorite is the little black dress. It fits almost every woman’s figure and complexion. You can reinvent it in so many ways too! Here’s some stylish ideas for your LBD:

  • Try an all black attire and look fabulously chic! If you have a long black hair take advantage by going black all the way to your shoes. It will look classy and sophisticated on you.
  • Pop a color to your dress by adding one striking bold color to your accessory. A perfect example is having a red handbag or purse. You can also draw the attention to your heels. It is a simple way but highly recommendable way to look stylish and fab.

  • Red is the perfect combination for a black dress. Thus a red lips will make a major statement to your Little black dress.
  • Accent your dress with a belt. Try metallic or bright colored belt to liven up your attire.
  • Add pantyhose. It helps even outs skin tone and accentuate your legs too. Make sure to choose the color that matches your skin tone or you can go for s sheer black for a safer choice.
  • Choose jewelry carefully. Depending on your goal, jewelry should brighten up your black dress. But choose one that will blend well with the style and neckline of your dress. A sparkly necklace can go a long way in your evening dress. Diamond will shine well too as your dress will serve as a backdrop for them.
  • You can be a sophisticated diva with a simple white satin gloves. A la Audrey Hepburn look will give a soft and retro look.

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