Accessorize your long sleeve dress

Long sleeved dresses are available in a wide variety of colors, and are designed to flatter all body types, from regular to petite and plus size. You can be free to style it anyway you want but I suggest you choose the right accessories and shoes for it.

long sleeves dresses
long sleeves dresses
long sleeves dresses

Pair this dress with pumps, either closed or peep-toe, that have a minimum of a 2-inch heel. A closed heel is the more traditional choice with a long-sleeved dress; however, it conveys an air of conservatism. Open-toed shoes are a very practical and appropriate choice as well. Evening sandalsmay be worn, if the occasion calls for it. Check out for cheap boots online.

Choose the right accesories, wearing a single color long-sleeve dress gives a woman the chance to experiment with more sophisticated necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Adding just the right accessories in the right amount will add stability to the outfit and polish off the entire look. A woman choosing a longer or more elaborate necklace should opt for a more conservative earring choice, such as a studded earring. A bold cocktail ring will catch the attention of both men and women. Keeping jewelry to a minimum is the ultimate choice for a classic look.

A fashionable way to accessorize this a long sleeved dress is with catchy cuff bracelets and a bold cocktail ring. The accessories themselves will provide the dress a more modern look, as well. Polish off the ensemble with sequined stiletto closed-toe heels, a mildly conservative and very ladylike choice.

The proper hairstyle also will play a role in completing a look. A hairstyle should complement the way the woman is feeling, as well as complement the purpose of wearing the dress. A hairstyle appropriate for the office can be very different than a hairstyle appropriate for a night on the town. A traditional hairstyle paired with a long-sleeve dress is the bun. Properly styled wavy or straight hair is a good choice for corporate meetings and events. For more long sleeved dresses online visit

Cardigan – basic wardrobe

Today cardigans have taken on so many shapes, forms, and great excuses to be worn that it’s almost impossible for any woman to find an excuse not to own several. Check out for cheap women cardigan online.

  • If a woman lives in a warm climate, a lightweight cardigan packs into her bag and gives her a transitional layer when she gets into an air conditioned restaurant that is too cold.
  • If she lives in a cold climate, a traditional cable cardigan hangs on the back of her office chair for days when the building is drafty and she needs a little extra warmth.
  • If she likes to rock fashion, any number of ruffled, ruched, or asymmetric cardigans come in dozens of brilliant colors. Cardigans are, quite simply, among the most practical items a woman can own.

Cardigans have returned as wardrobe basics because of their practicality and femininity. They’ve taken the place of the hooded sweatshirt as skirts and dresses have regained a place in the average woman’s daily wardrobe. Cardigans are easier to wear than pullover sweaters because they can be taken on and off without messing up the hair or makeup, making them the perfect “temperature regulators” for women who move from warmer to cooler environments over the course of the day. Visit for more boxing day sales for you.